Mark 1:14-15

Sermon Outline

  • The ministry of the Old Testament Prophets is completed by Christ
  • The Gospel of Jesus is the Good News of God
  • The Lord Jesus is the fulfillment of all God had ever done before
  • The Gospel is God taking matters into His own royal hands
  • Flee from the kingdom which is being destroyed by Christ’s Kingdom

Family Discussion Questions

  • Mark here calls the Gospel the Gospel of God. Why would we say that the gift we get with the Gospel is God?
  • What are some big shoes of the Old Testament that Jesus fulfills?
  • Why is the Kingdom of God wonderful?
  • Why would the News of the Kingdom of God be bad news without the cross?
  • How do we get out of the Kingdom of the World the Jesus is destroying?
  • In what way is the Kingdom of God already AND not yet?
  • Why was the long history of the Old Testament with its many prophets necessary for proving Jesus as the Messiah?
  • Explain the false teaching about “the Gospel of the Kingdom” and why it contradicts scripture.
  • The church, including the Old Testament church, has a long history of affirming the prophets yet being enemies of them. How is this currently playing out?
  • What parts of the kingdom of the World do you still feel (sometimes) worth rebelling for? What medicines are in scripture to cure that madness?