Isaiah 66:15-24

Sermon Outline:

  • God will come in judgement for the whole world
  • God sends the Gospel of the Cross to assemble a people of all nations into a temple
  • God’s children’s enjoyment of His glory will never end
  • The judgment of those who rebelled against God will never end

Family Discussion Questions

  1. What words does God use to describe His judgement against sinners? What is each of those words meant to show us?
  2. He says that “all flesh” will be judged - meaning all people from all places. But as an example he focuses on one group in verse 17. We read about this group in the beginning of chapter 66. Who is this group? Why should this be a warning to the church?
  3. Verse 19. What is the major difference in the way the Lord calls the nations to salvation before and after the Messiah (Jesus) came?
  4. What is the “sign” that is taken to the nations which will draw them to the Lord? (See John 3:14, John 12:32)
  5. Isaiah has already said earlier that the New Jerusalem and the new Temple would extend to the ends of the earth after the Messiah came. So then what does it mean that all these nations will come to Zion, to the Temple? How is that shown so wonderfully every week?
  6. The Lord had given wonderful redemptions and salvations to His people through leaders before. What does verse 22 tell us is different about this salvation?
  7. What does verse 23 tell us is the goal and satisfaction of the Gospel?
  8. What are the ways which we serve in the New Temple?
  9. Does the book of Isaiah end on a happy or sad note? Why would that be, after so much Good News in the book?
  10. What does verse 24 tell us about who will go to hell?
  11. What does verse 24 tell us about hell itself?
  12. What might be the reasons that the Lord will permit the church to see hell while they are in the New Heaven and Earth?