Isaiah 65:1-16

Sermon Outline:

  • God’s plan to call enemies to Himself is eternal
  • Many people who were known as the people of the Lord will be condemned
  • The promises of Eden belong to those who are reborn
  • Either you will be called “cursed” or you will be called by God’s name

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Before Jesus came, which nation was called by God’s name? What is the benefit of being called by someone else’s name?
  2. The one family of God, after Jesus came would come to include billions of people who were not genetically related to Jesus. Would that have been a surprise to Isaiah and the people who paid attention to his writing?
  3. Many people within God’s household (Israel) in the Old Testament were not actually His children. Look at verse 2-7 and describe some ways that they showed this. Should people who are part of the church assume that being part of the church is enough to escape God’s punishment for sins?
  4. How does the grape cluster song in verse 8 comfort true believers in Jesus even when they are surrounded by people who call themselves Christians yet refuse to trust and obey Him?
  5. What are some unbelieving actions mentioned in 11-12 that Israel tried to mix into their worship of the true God? How is this still happening in our current day?
  6. What are the benefits of being called by God’s Name which are listed in verses 13-16? How is it that they are made more bright by being compared to the curses which we actually and naturally deserve? Which of those benefits feels most precious to you right now, and why?
  7. Why is it important to remember Isaiah’s “already and not yet” pattern for his prophecies when we read verses 13-16?
  8. The end of verse 16 gives a reason for why these things will happen, beginning with the word “because”. How does Christ’s death and resurrection fulfill this?