Isaiah 56:1-8

Sermon Outline:
1. What should the remnant do while waiting for the Redeemer?
2. Why outcasts who join themselves to the Lord will never fear being sectioned off from God’s people
3. Former outcasts are brought near the throne of God to enjoy fellowship with Him
4. The Good Shepherd gathers one flock by His one sacrifice for their sins

Family Discussion Questions:
1. Why is it appropriate to seek righteousness while waiting for Christ’s return even though it doesn’t save you?
2. What was the Sabbath so special after the exodus from Egypt?
3. How is Jesus our Sabbath? What two things do we get to rest from if we believe in Jesus?
4. What did the eunuch and the foreigner have in common in the Old Covenant, and how does that change with the covenant of the Messiah?
5. Why is the Ethiopian convert in Acts 8 the perfect fulfillment of Isaiah 53-56?
6. Why can sinners who trust in Christ be confident they will never be separated from God’s people?
7. What does it mean that God gives His people a name better than sons and daughters?
8. What was the purpose of the temple?
9. Why is it that guilty people can come to God in prayer?
10. How is John 10 the perfect fulfillment of verse 8?

*To aid with church-family discussions, discipleship of children and mutual discipleship, each week we provide questions regarding the Scripture passage and sermon. We pray that these would be helpful to assess understanding of the passage, the key elements of the sermon, and application of the text. It is intentionally called “family discussion questions” for help with both families and church-family interactions.