Isaiah 51:1-16

Sermon Outline:

1.  Fear of men focuses on what is immediate to us. 

2.  God's answer to our fear is to remind us of who He is, what He has done and what He promises. 

3.  God tells us to look at what He has done in the past

       a. God made a mighty people out of just Abraham and Sarah

       b. God defeated “monsters” and “dragons” to deliver His people. 

4.  God tells us to look at who He is today

       a.  God’s power and wrath are evidently greater than the wrath of men.

       b. By that same power, God is also the comforter of His people

5. God tells us to look at what He promises for the future.

       a. God will certainly punish the wicked

       b. God will remake the world

       c. God will forever establish Zion for his saved people


Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What reasons did God’s people have to be afraid in exile? Would most people consider those legitimate reasons to fear?
  2. What reasons from the past does Isaiah give them not to be afraid?
  3. What reasons from the present does Isaiah give them not to be afraid? 
  4. What reasons from the future does Isaiah give them not to be afraid?
  5. What is God’s plan for history? What promises has He made as a part of the plan?
  6. What are some times in history when God’s plans for his people appeared hopeless to us? What did God do in those situations?
  7. Do you fear the people of the world around you? Has this fear affected your confidence in God and willingness to publicly identify yourself as one of His children?
  8. What is the likelihood that God’s plan for Jesus will come about? What does this mean for you?