Isaiah 40:12-41:29

Sermon Outline:

  1. Wait for the Lord because He is strong, wise and sovereign
  2. The foolish alternative to waiting for the sovereign Lord
  3. The care and victory which God performs for the worm He chose as His friend
  4. Good News of Zion’s Sovereign God or abomination of idolatry

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. How does God demonstrate His wisdom in 40:12-17? How is this meant to comfort His people?
  2. What does God want His people to remember about powerful people?
  3. What does it mean to wait for the Lord?
  4. What does it mean to say that God is sovereign over history?
  5. How does God describe the response of the pagan world to major events?
  6. Why would God call his church a worm? Why is this description not something that ruins our confidence?
  7. In what ways will the Church be victorious (hint: already and not yet)
  8. In what ways will the Church be cared for (hint: already and not yet)
  9. How does the Lord challenge idol-worshippers to prove they should be worshipped? How can we apply this to modern non-religious moral leaders?
  10. How does the doctrine of headship help us to understand the full meaning of 41:15?
  11. How does the doctrine of unconditional election humble and comfort us?