Isaiah 40:1-11

Sermon Outline:

  • The greatest comfort is that our sins against your God are forgiven
  • The Good News of the Lord’s coming will come to the wilderness
  • The Good News can be trusted because it endures forever
  • The Good News of the fierce and tender Shepherd should proclaimed from the mountain-tops

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Why would words of comfort have been surprising to Zion?
  2. What did Isaiah mean by “her warfare”?
  3. How was Zion’s sin actually pardoned?
  4. Why is it a comfort to belong to the Lord and how does a person belong to Him?
  5. Does “double” mean that God gives people twice the punishment that they deserve?
  6. What was the first temporary fulfillment of the voice of the wilderness and how did it serve as a
    proof for the full fulfillment of this prophecy?
  7. How does remembering how weak we are and how infinite God is help us when we doubt His
    promises to us?
  8. Why is it important to remember why the Gospel is beautiful and sure when we proclaim it?
  9. Why is it good to know that Christ is a fierce and powerful Shepherd?
  10. Why is it good to know that Christ is a tender Shepherd?
  11. How should God’s comforts of forgiveness, belonging, protection and tender care comfort us
    when we are distressed or perhaps finding comfort in false comforts?