Isaiah 38-39

Sermon Outline:

I. God’s salvation is all of grace. 

II. God’s salvation turns distress from a punishment into a gift of grace. 

III. God’s salvation is unto dwelling with Him. 

IV. God’s salvation is unto glorifying Him. 

V. God’s salvation is secure and He desires that we would rest in that security. 

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways did Hezekiah’s illness and recovery reflect the situation of Jerusalem under the Assyrian threat? 
  2. How did Hezekiah respond to Isaiah’s report of his illness?
  3. Why did God answer Hezekiah’s prayer?
  4. What are we saved from? What are we saved for? 
  5. In what particular ways can suffering test our faith? In what particular ways can success test our faith?
  6. Why did Hezekiah fail to secure a lasting hope for his people after his own death?
  7. Why was Jesus able to secure a lasting hope for His people?
  8. How do the various stages of Jesus’ life and ministry add to our assurance that He is able to offer us a perfectly secure salvation?
  9. In what seasons of your life might you say you are most tempted to take your eyes off of Christ and put them on yourself?
  10. Do you feel the assurance of knowing your salvation is secure in Jesus? When has that assurance been most tested?