Isaiah 36-37

 Sermon outline:

1.    The Son of David is mocked by the nations

2.    David’s people are solicited for adultery

3.    The ministry of the Word and Prayer of the Son of David

4.    God’s sovereignty over the nations’ raging against His king and city

5.    God’s covenant is the only plea given and the only plea needed  

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    What were the names of: Judah’s king, the enemy king who came against Judah, and the enemy king’s messenger?

2.    What reasons were given to shame the Son of David? Were they all false?

3.    What are reasons the world tries to paint the Lord Jesus as shameful?

4.    What reasons were given to Zion to renounce the Lord and join Assyria?

5.    What are reasons which the Christians are give to renounce the Lord and join the world?

6.    Why should those reasons be rejected?

7.    What are the two main things Hezekiah does for his people in response to these threats?

8.    What is Hezekiah’s attitude? How can we see a change in him?

9.    What are the reasons for confidence in the Lord’s deliverance that we see in these passages?

10.  What do we learn about the purpose of God’s sovereignty over history in these passages? In other words, what does He use it for?

11.  In 37:7 God decrees the end of Sennacherib, in 37:14 Hezekiah prays, and in 37:21 God says it is because Hezekiah prayed that Sennacherib will be destroyed. How do you explain what seems like a scrambled order?

12.  Describe how these chapters follow Isaiah’s typical pattern of “ultimate promises” and "interim fulfillments”. What promise to the Church is God proving with these events?