Isaiah 32

 Sermon Outline:

1.    The Righteous Son of David will rule over eyes, ears, mouth and… heart. Isaiah 32:1-4

2.    In His kingdom, honour will be honoured rather than fools and scoundrels. Isaiah 32:5-8

3.    His Reign exposes counterfeit rest and peace. Isaiah 32:9-14

4.    The crucified Lamb of God was alone worthy to send the Holy Spirit and give true rest and peace. Isaiah 32:15-18

5.    Your hope shapes your pleasure. Isaiah 32:19-20  

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    Which two “Sons of David” was Isaiah referring to in verse 1?

2.    Will this King be the only one living righteously in the kingdom? How do you know this from the text?

3.    How will this King reign in a more incredible and powerful way than other kings? (Hint: internal)

4.    How is what is honoured in Christ’s kingdom different than what the world (and therefor the church) often honours? Why is what Christ honours better?

5.    How in Isaiah’s day were the counterfeit rests of the people exposed? How will that be done ultimately?

6.    What are some common counterfeit rests?

7.    Why was Christ Jesus and not Hezekiah able to fulfill this beautiful prophecy to give the Spirit of God and the accompanying rest and peace with God? (Hint: John the Baptist)

8.    What are the two options for kingdoms which are presented in verses 19-20? How does your future delight shape your current delight?