Isaiah 30-31

Family Discussion Questions:

1. Why was it wrong for Israel to look for help from Egypt? 

2. Is it always a sign of lack of trust in God when we seek out practical help? How might you recognize occasions when the help are seeking proves we are not trusting God?

3. What did the envoy to Egypt reveal about the heart of the Jewish people? 

4. What might be examples contrasts like Assyria vs Egypt, which seem like opposites but can both represent a heart that is not trusting in the Lord?

5. What is the significance of God’s glory being associated with fire? What does this mean for God’s enemies? What does it mean for His people?

6. What was the significance of God’s call to return and rest? How is this juxtaposed with looking for help from Egypt?

7. Why is it that God’s people still at times seem to experience the same pain as those who are not His people? What is the different work that this does in them vs those who are His enemies?

8. Are there aspects of your life where you see striving or anxiety which might perhaps reveal idols you need to lay down so you can rest in the Lord?

9. Are there worldly powers, ideas, philosophies, people in whom you are tempted to put your trust like Israel trusted in Egypt?

10. Are you able to rest in what Jesus has already accomplished for you? What is keeping you from that rest?