Isaiah 28-29

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What do the images of blindness and drunkenness convey when they are put together in this passage?

2. Why were the prophets and priests unable to properly teach God’s word? What warning would Isaiah give to teachers and preachers in this situation?

3. What are appropriate ways for a congregation to care for their leaders and hold them accountable in this regard?

4.  What dangers does Isaiah warn about regarding how we approach the word of God?

5. What are ways we could recognize that we are falling into the mindset Isaiah is warning of?

6. How does God desire that we understand and approach the Bible?

7. How does God reveal where Judah’s hope and fear really lie? How might He do something similar in our lives?

8. What is the significance of the wisdom of the farmer in this passage? What encouragement and help does it provide for us in seasons of distress and trials?

9. What is the significance of the cornerstone in this passage? How does Peter explain this reference and elaborate on how people will respond to it?