Isaiah 24-27

 Sermon Outline:

1.    The Lord’s people enjoy Him on the sin-cursed the earth

2.    The Lord prepares an eternal feast of joy for those who wait for Him

3.    The Proud will not feast but swim in filth

4.    The Lord’s righteousness is the pathway to the world-wide feast

5.    The perfect peace which belongs only to the Lord’s vineyard  

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    Why is the world cursed? What does that curse look like?

2.    What does wine signify in Scripture? What is the difference between this wine and the wine in the previous chapter?

3.    What are the benefits of “the feast?”

4.    What are the boundaries of this feast?

5.    Why will Moab be excluded? Does this mean no Moabite-blooded people will be there?

6.    What does the pathway to destruction look like?

7.    What does the pathway to the feast look like? How should those who are waiting for the feast live?

8.    What does it mean that “all our works were done by God?” How does the Gospel of Christ fulfill this prophecy?

9.    How is the vineyard of the Lord similar to Eden?

10.  Who are the recipients of wrath outside of the vineyard?

11.  What does it mean to be kept in perfect peace?

12.  How can we see “justification by grace” in 27:7-9?