Isaiah 21-23

 Sermon Outline:

1.    God’s watchman will announce that Babylon, the city of the world, will fall along with its idols

2.    Worldly watchmen will be fooled by God’s patience

3.    Come to the Lord in grief over sin, do not celebrate or defend yourself

4.    Only one Man can hold the household of God secure

5.    God will defile the pride of worldly boasts and use them to build His household 

 Family Discussion Questions:

1.    Why did (almost) no one expect Babylon to fall, why did it fall?

2.    Can you point out all of the “interim fulfillments” in these 3 chapters? What is an interim fulfillment? Why would God include them?

3.    How was Jerusalem responding to the knowledge of their sin?

4.    How did God instruct them to respond to their sin?

5.    What was the problem with Shebna the steward?

6.    What was better about Eliakim?

7.    Why was Eliakim also bad place to put your trust?

8.    What was Tyre’s favourite sin?

9.    What did God prophecy for Tyre in these passages (7 years, 70 years)?

10.  How does Tyre fit into God’s plans for his household?

11.  How do these chapters warn those whose confidence is in something other than Jesus?

12.  How do these chapters encourage those who have faith in Christ?

13.  What do these chapters tell us to do with our sin, and what do they promise for those who do so?