Isaiah 11-12


I: King Jesus rules with perfect wisdom and justice, bringing about a kingdom of universal peace and paradise.

II: The kingdom of Jesus will establish a united people founded upon His salvation.

III: Life in the Kingdom of Jesus will be joyfully praising our Saviour.


Family Discussion Questions: 

1. Why is Jesus uniquely qualified to fulfill the promises of Isaiah regarding a coming perfect king?

2. Why can we be confident that Jesus will rule with perfect justice and equity?

3. Isaiah 6 began with an image of God’s glory filling the temple. Where is God's glory enjoyed and known in the future kingdom of Jesus? Where is His glory known and enjoyed now?

4. What is the significance of the prophecies of the animals living at peace together? What is the particular significance of the children playing with snakes? 

5. What do the allusions to the Exodus teach us about our entrance into Jesus’ kingdom? 

6. What does it teach us when we read that Jesus’ will judge by his breath and save by raising a signal?

7. What Is Isaiah referring to when he says God’s people will draw water from the wells of salvation? What does this teach us about the salvation of Jesus?

8. If salvation is our entrance into Jesus’ kingdom, what does that teach us about life in Jesus' kingdom? 

9. In what ways is the current life of the church a foretaste of the eternal state of the Kingdom of Jesus?

10. Do you have the real tangible hope for this coming kingdom that Isiah is holding out for God’s people? In what ways can a confidence in this final state of Jesus’ kingdom affect your life now?

11. Which promises about Jesus’ kingdom ring sweetly to you right now in your present circumstances?