Galatians 5:22-26

 Sermon Outline:

1.    The Holy Spirit produces fruit in those whom Christ’s blood has purchased

2.    The fruit of Love

3.    The fruit of Joy

4.    The fruit of Peace

5.    The fruit of Patience

6.    The fruit of Kindness

7.    The fruit of Goodness

8.    The fruit of Faithfulness

9.    The fruit of Gentleness

10.  The fruit of Self-control

11.  Supernaturally natural obedience  


Family Discussion Questions:

1.    What are the three ways which the Gospel of grace produces greater righteousness?

2.    Why could the whole cluster of fruit be labeled “love”?

3.    Why is it good to remember that the Holy Spirit is also called The Spirit of Christ?

4.    Give a short description of each “fruit” and how it is a product of the Gospel.

5.    What does it mean that there is no law against the fruit of the Spirit?

6.    How does this passage give the true and lovely understanding of the leading of the Holy Spirit? Why doesn’t it seem very supernatural? What are some counterfeits? How is this more freeing and also more effective?

7.    How is the fruit of the Spirit a medicine for both legalism and lawlessness?

8.    How would none of this be possible without the death and resurrection of Christ?