Galatians 5:19-21

 Sermon Outline:

1: Only the true gospel can produce true holiness  

2: The works of the flesh are evidence of the failure of false gospels  

3: Sexual pleasure between a husband and wife is a good part of God’s gospel design for marriage  

4: How the world’s view of sexuality makes evident the work of the flesh  

5: How our false gospels change our view of sexuality  

6: Letting the Spirit sanctify our view of sex according to the gospel    

Family Discussion Questions:  

1. How does the gospel of grace actually succeed in making us holy where rules and regulations fail?  

2. In what way is the person living under rules and regulations similar to the one who is indulging the desires of their flesh?  

3. Why did God create marriage?  

4. What role does delight between a husband and wife play in God’s good view of marriage?  

5. In what ways has our world clearly suppressed the truth regarding this aspect of life?  

6. Why does Paul say that this unnatural behaviour is in a way natural to us?  

7. How can wrong rules and regulations in this regard actually lead to the works of the flesh?  

8. For the single person:       

a. How can I honour God’s view of marriage by being a help to the married   couples in my church?         

b. How can I honour God’s view of marriage in how I might pursue a spouse?  

9. For the married person:       

a. Are there ways I can better enjoy the gifts of delight God has given to me and my spouse without acting according to the flesh?         

b. What might it look like in your marriage to walk by the Spirit regarding this aspect of your life?