Galatians 5:7-15

Sermon outline:

1.    Endurance running requires God’s children to throw off every teaching that is not actually from His Holy Word.

2.    Graciously correct and comfort the harassed

3.    Humbly and without partiality cut off the harassers

4.    Guard the offensively pure Gospel

5.    Christ’s blood frees his co-heirs to serve in the freedom purchased for them  

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    Why does the way a Christian gets saved - make false teaching and false beliefs a potential killer?

2.    Where should all teaching about God come from?

3.    Why?

4.    What are some clever ways false teachers have tried to get around the requirement for teaching to come from scripture?

5.    What is the difference between how a church should work with a false teacher and a person who is caught up in false teaching?

6.    How should we apply the command, “whoever he is”?

7.    What about the Gospel’s purity makes it offensive?

8.    Does the “pure Gospel” mean that only perfect teaching and teachers are allowed?

9.    How does the purity of the Gospel promote love and service in a way that additions promote division and hatred?