Galatians 5:1-6

 Sermon Outline:

1.    Resting in Christ will take courage and diligence

2.    God’s Spirit births an eager and sure hope

3.    We are added to Christ by faith alone but saving faith is never alone  

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    Does a person become God’s child by doing good things or by trusting in what Jesus did?

2.    What did Jesus do that makes us children of God?

3.    Will a person be saved if they trust in the things they do AND what Jesus did?

4.    Does Christian hope mean wanting something very bad that might not happen?

5.    What kind of work would help to protect against slavery?

6.    What are the stakes? What would happen if we do not fight that battle?

7.    What is the hope of righteousness? Why does Paul call it that?

8.    Who is it that makes a person hope in righteousness?

9.    What is the evidence that a person is an heir of the hope of righteousness?

10.  What is the connection between the words “righteousness” and “love”?