Galatians 4:21-31

 Sermon outline:

1.    The ones relying on works are not better sons but slaves

2.    Impossible birth is the only way to be an heir of God

3.    Those born supernaturally will be hated by those who consider themselves children of God by the flesh  

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    What was the difference in how Isaac was born compared to Ishmael? What point was God making with that?

2.    Which stories in the bible involve a woman who cannot have a baby? How is this a very lovely illustration of the Gospel?

3.    What are the two different Jerusalems that the Bible speaks of? What is the difference between the two?

4.    Is the “Jerusalem above” one that is only spiritual and not earthly at all?

5.    Does the bible ever teach that to be real part of God’s family you must be born to a certain family?

6.    How does a person join the family of God?

7.    How is Ishmael’s treatment of Isaac helpful for understanding how the ones who consider themselves children of God but aren’t - persecute those who are children of God?

8.    What is to be done with those who will not stop teaching that God saves people based on something about them (instead of something about Jesus)?

9.    Paul teaches us that we now should enjoy living as children of God rather than thinking like slaves. What does that mean?