Galatians 4:12-20

 Sermon Outline:

1.    The Spirit of God works affection for the Gospel and those who bring it and receive it

2.    Beware of teachers who make much of you by coming up with new obstacles for you

3.    Make it your greatest goal for Christ to be formed in you and your church  

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    What did the Galatian Church first love so much about Paul?

2.    Why should we be concerned when someone bringing the Scriptures is either uninteresting or bothersome to us? What sweet promises has God given to us for when that happens?

3.    What is the difference between how Paul made much of the Galatians and how the false teachers made much of them?

4.    What obstacles did the false teachers set up for the Galatian believers?

5.    How are new obstacles or methods simply a way to make much of false teachers?

6.    What do we know about God’s Word that should make us immediately reject a new method for knowing God - even if it’s one that we enjoy or that seems to “work”?

7.    What are some tempting “obstacles” that might be common in the Evangelical Church today?

8.    What are the two ways which the Bible speaks of Christ being “formed” in believers?

9.    Are pastors and church members free to come up with ways to evaluate one another? What happens when we forget this?