Galatians 4:1-12

 Sermon Outline:

1.    God prepared His people by withholding rights and privileges until the great Heir came.

2.    The training of the law used mundane things to make a glorious point

3.    When the fulness of time had come, those rights and privileges of sonship were restored

4.    The Holy Spirit moves a Christian to simply relate to God as our Father in Christ.

5.    Those who prefer a slavish relationship with God do not know Him just like the pagans do not know Him.   

Family Discussion Questions:

1.    In what way did the Old Testament treat God’s people like a young child?

2.    Should a young child whose parents control every area of his life think that his obedience to those many commands is why they treat him as a son?

3.    How did that long history of being treated as an immature heir prepare God’s people for Jesus’ coming?

4.    How would, to the untrained eye, the Old Covenant look similar to the way that Pagans worshipped their gods? What even in the Old Testament would you have had to ignore to arrive at that conclusion?

5.    What is meant by Christian freedom?

6.    Why would a person prefer to reject Christian freedom in how they relate to God?

7.    What are some common ways this happens in the church?

8.    Why would Paul say this is just like becoming a Pagan even though you are using Jesus’ name?

9.    How does the Holy Spirit work in our prayers give us a more confident standing before God than the slavish ways we try to get confidence?

10.  Would a person cry out to God as Father trusting in Jesus’ name if she wasn’t actually God’s daughter?