Galatians 3:26-29

Sermon Outline:
1.    Those with faith in Christ share in His Sonship of God.
2.    The robe of Christ’s identify and righteousness is the possession of even the newest believer.
3.    Differences in believers do not alter the kind of heir they are.
4.    You inherit the promises which God promised to Abraham’s Offspring if you have faith in Christ.

Family discussion questions:
1.    What rights and gifts does Jesus enjoy as God’s Son that believers enjoy even now before He returns?
2.    What is the phrase which explains how we can enjoy Christ’s relationship with God even though we are not Christ and have not done what he did?
3.    Does water baptism save you? 
4.    Spirit baptism actually unites you and clothes you with Christ - when does that happen? Where would you look in the previous chapter to show that?
5.    Why would Paul switch to say “Greek” instead of “Gentile” in his list of comparisons?
6.    How does this passage serve to forbid ethnic segregation in churches?
7.    Why would Paul say “and” in between “male” and “female” when the others are separated by the word “nor”? Is he saying that the distinctions of male and female no longer exist?