Galatians 3:19-26

Sermon Outline:
1.    The law was added
2.    The law was put in place to guard the inheritance until the the Heir would come
3.    The law exposes sin which it cannot cure
4.    The law guarded and disciplined God’s people from seeking false saviours

Family Discussion Questions:
1.    Who was that solo Heir of the promises of God to Abraham?
2.    Why does the solo Heir not inherit the blessings of Abraham by Himself?
3.    What does clean and tidy Israel’s response to the reception of the Law at Mount Sinai teach about the Law’s ability to save?
4.    What is the benefit of the law provoking sin? What analogy was used in the sermon for this?
5.    How does the Law act like a prison?
6.    How does the Law act like a guardian?
7.    Finish the following sentence: the Law would be contrary to the promises of God if…
8.    What is the difference between how God gave the Law and how He gave the Gospel?
9.    In what ways did “faith” not arrive until Christ? In what ways was it already there before He came?
10.    How does the Law of God continue to function in the life of a believer in Christ?