Galatians 2:11-14

Sermon Outline:

I: When great teachers err.

II: Jew and Gentile around the table. 

III: The Gospel and your dinner guests. 

Discussion Questions:

1. Why was it necessary for Paul to talk about this tense interaction with Peter so publicly?

2. Why can it be hard for us to disagree with, or even argue against a teacher who has been so influential in our own lives and salvation?

3. How can we understand and evaluate differences we have with popular and influential teachers we respect?

4. What were the implications of Jews refusing to eat with Gentiles? How did this action change the gospel?

5. Why was there such strong pressure for Peter not to eat with Gentiles? Why did Peter give in to this pressure?

6. How can the question of who we eat with and fellowship with make us into hypocrites?

7. What are some other cultural or generational movements or ideas that have led us to divide within the church from those we otherwise would call Christians?

8. Who might you be able to extend hospitality to - by opening your home, or pursuing conversation and friendship with - in our church?