Galatians 2:1-10

Sermon Outline:

I: Spies in the church

II: Why Titus’ reception among the apostles mattered

III: How false gospels harm the church

Discussion Questions:

Why did Paul go up to Jerusalem? What signs do we see that his reasons for going were important?

How does Paul describe the men who were adding works to the gospel? Explain what Paul says they were trying to do.

What does Paul see as freedom that we have in Christ? How were the false brothers trying to turn Christians back to slavery?

What was at stake in Titus being received or rejected by the apostles in Jerusalem?

What are practical ways our actions in the church can affirm or contradict the gospel we say is true?

Why was it important that Paul was not moved by the influence of the apostles even if he loved and respected them? 

What would have been the consequences of Paul conceding to the influential Judaizers?

What are some of the present day divisions and biases in our world that threaten our unity on the gospel? Are there any that you feel particularly susceptible to?

Is there any other member of our church who you do not feel united to as a brother or sister? How would the gospel change your relationship with this person?