Galatians 1:11-24

Sermon Outline:

I: Paul’s biography demonstrates his authority as an apostle preaching the gospel of God. 

II: Paul’s biography demonstrates to the Gentiles the power of the gospel of grace.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What facts in Paul’s biography established that his gospel was from God?
  2. What facts in Paul’s biography established that his apostleship was from God?
  3. Why, then, was it important that he still eventually went to Jerusalem and met Peter?
  4. What is an apostle according to the apostles?
  5. How was Paul’s former life in Judaism important to show the power of the gospel?
  6. How did God make use of Paul’s former life in Judaism for his ministry as an apostle?
  7. How did Paul’s distinct calling as an apostle reflect his particular calling to preach to the Gentiles?
  8. Why did the churches glorify God because of Paul?
  9. If you are a baptized believer, do you ever feel self conscious about being saved by grace alone, and want to rest your confidence in anything in your life, an action you have done or a commitment you have made?
  10. If you have trusted the gospel but not yet been baptized, are you, or would you at the appropriate time, be afraid to do so because you want your testimony to include certain actions or commitments that you have done? Would you be embarrassed by a testimony that referred only to what Christ has done for you?
  11. If you have not trusted in the gospel, do you feel like your life or actions or choices have left you too far off from being a Christian? Have you recognized in Paul’s own life how grace can accomplish for the worst sinner what the most moral person in the world could never do for themselves?