Galatians 1:1-10

Sermon Outline:

I. The Gospel of God is from God to the glory of God.

II. The gospel from men will add the works of men for the glory of men. 

III. Paul gives the strongest warning to those who confuse the Gospel of God and the gospel of men.

IV. Whose pleasure you Love affects which gospel you love

Discussion Questions:

Why does the definition of an apostle matter for knowing and trusting the true gospel?

What are marks of a true apostle? (We will return to this next week)

In what way is the source of our gospel connected to the content of our gospel?

What is the Gospel?

What are reasons in our heart for rejecting the gospel of God, from God?

What are particular additions to the gospel (you must have faith in Jesus AND __________) which you might see as particularly tempting to your own church, family and your own heart?

Why is Paul’s warning so strong? Why is it repeated? What aspects of this warning does he really want us to dwell on?

Why is it different to ret your assurance in the gospel on whether people are hating you, than to rest it on whether you are aiming to please only God?

Is it possible to hold on to the true gospel if we refuse to be rejected by the world? Why or why not?

BONUS: What were the formal principle, the material principle and the final principle of the Reformation? How does the Reformation give us a clear picture of the battle for the gospel that has gone on since Genesis?