2 Chronicles 36:1-21

Sermon Outline:

i. God is patient, so he can be compassionate and persistent with those who sin against Him. 

ii. God has deemed a day when his patience is done and his just wrath will certainly come.

iii. Jesus bore the full wrath of God, so that God can have patience with sinners so we might repent and receive His grace. 


Sermon Questions:

1. Have you struggled with God’s justice in punishing sin? How does this look at Judah and its kings help you see the justice of God’s wrath?

2. What was the character of Judah’s people and it’s king towards God before the Babylonian conquest? How does this help us understand our own hearts?

3. Who was responsible for the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon? What does Lamentations say?

4. What is significant about the land enjoying its Sabbath’s during the exile? How does this give us a picture of the goodness of God’s judgement?

5. What other examples of God’s patience and His just judgement do we find throughout Scripture?

6. Why is God able to be patient with sin even though it is good that He punish it?

7. How does the gospel of Jesus magnify God’s justice as well as His grace?

8. How have you responded to God’s patience?

9. Do you know what will happen to you on the day when God’s wrath comes? If you are afraid of that day, then what hope does Jesus offer you by taking the wrath of God for all who believe on the cross? Run to that hope today.