2 Chronicles 34-35

Sermon Outline:

  1. In Josiah we appear to meet Israel’s last hope for a good son of David. 
  2. Despite His love for the Lord, Josiah ultimately failed to be what God’s People needed to be saved. 
  3. In Christ, we meet the true and better last son of David, who can secure a salvation for His people which no other king could.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some of the things that set Josiah apart as an exemplary Son of David? 
  2. Josiah sought the Lord even at a young age. How can this be a helpful exhortation to us as we raise our kids? What does our parenting say about our confidence in God’s Word and His Spirit?
  3. What does Josiah’s response to the finding of the book of the law teach us about repentance?
  4. How does Josiah respond to the prophecy of Huldah? What does that tell us about him as a king?
  5. Why was it so significant for the king to restore the passover?
  6. What was signifiant about the lamenting for Josiah, which our author says took place “to this day?” Why did the Jews lament for Josiah for so long?
  7. What does Huldah’s prophecy tell us about the consequences for sin and what is necessary for God to save sinners from His wrath?
  8. What role does Josiah play in the prophetic picture of Jesus that God has been painting throughout the reign of the descendants of David?