2 Chronicles 28; Isaiah 7:1-9:7

Sermon Outline:

  1. Why we should delight in the fear of the Lord
  2. He is unashamed to bring enemies into His family
  3. The coming of Immanuel will bring an utter end to sin

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What things did Ahaz fear?
  2. What things did his fear push him to do?
  3. What was the water illustration the Lord used to describe Ahaz’s fear?
  4. What prompted the godly “Good Samaritan” response from the men of Israel?
  5. How does this foreshadow the Lord Jesus’ kindness to his enemies?
  6. What has made you feel like the Lord would be ashamed to call you his sibling? How does this passage lovingly correct that?
  7. Why is the Second Coming of the Lord a frightening thing?
  8. How does the First Coming of the Lord make His Second Coming a glorious hope for His brothers and sisters?
  9. How do people who long for Immanuel seek wisdom for the waiting?