2 Chronicles 26-27 & Isaiah 6

Sermon Outline:

  1. O for a Messiah with the strength of the Lord
  2. O for a Messiah who makes the land a beautiful safe garden for his people
  3. O for a Messiah who loves the holiness of God
  4. O for a Messiah who opens the eyes, ears and hearts of his people

Family Discussion Questions: 

  1. What lovely things did the Lord do through Uzziah as He strengthened him?
  2. Which of those things is most lovely to you right now as you long for the full reign of Uzziah’s great Son Jesus
  3. What sin did Uzziah try to commit? What did that sin reveal about his view of holiness?
  4. What makes self-righteousness more deadly than trusting in your own physical strength?
  5. Why are those two sins so often connected?
  6. Where did Jotham succeed where his dad Uzziah did not?
  7. What does this tell us about the goodness of God’s physical blessings?
  8. Where did Jotham’s reign fall short where Christ’s will succeed?
  9. How does the Lord Jesus’ ministry fulfill the vision of Isaiah in the temple?
  10. When do you typically tend to treasure the gift which Christ gives which was symbolized by the coal from the altar?