2 Chronicles 5-7

Sermon Outline:
God’s public confirmation that His eyes, ears, and heart are ever toward His Temple
God is eager to respond with mercy and forgiveness to humble temple prayers
God will be faithful to hear the prayers of the Son of David
God will be faithful to hear the prayers of the citizens of the Son of David

Family Discussion Questions:
The people repeatedly expressed delight over the love of God for them. What attribute of God’s love was on display in this event and why is that critical for us to meditate on?
How did remove any doubt that He would honour the worship at the temple?
What kinds of prayers did God promise to answer?
What are the various ways repentance is described in this passage?
How did God publicly demonstrate that Christ was both the New Temple and the Son of David whose prayers He answers?
How did God publicly demonstrate that the Church is the Body of Christ, and therefore the true temple of God?

The response to the prayers of the son of David for his people depended on his faithfulness to the law of God. Why does the promise that Jesus is our Son of David give sweet confidence that His prayers for the church will be eagerly answered by God?
Not only could the Son of David offer temple prayers for the people, but they too could offer these prayers. How does this foreshadow our relationship with Jesus, the Spirit and the Father?