2 Chronicles 2-4

Sermon Outline:

  1. It is because the Lord loves His people that He anoints for them a wise king
  2. The King builds a temple where a sacrifice will be bound to the altar to face the wrath of God for our sins
  3. The Messiah secures the fellowship, cleansing, nourishment, life and light of God for His beloved people

Sermon Discussion Questions:

  1. What does Hiram King of Tyre say is the reason that God gave Israel a wise king?
  2. Did God need a temple to live in?
  3. Why do God’s people need a temple?
  4. Why do God’s people need a sacrifice?
  5. Why would God’s temple be so rich?
  6. What were the horns on the altar for?
  7. What did the lamp stands and the table for bread tell us about belonging to God?
  8. What bound Christ to the cross?
  9. Our rebellious nature tends to hate having a holy ruler who gives us commands. How would understanding God’s love help us to enjoy having Christ as not only our Saviour but also our King?
  10. What two things, in the New Covenant, are said to be God’s Temple?