Leviticus 19:15-16, Deuteronomy 19:15-19

Sermon Outline:

1. God’s Law was to be applied without Prejudice.

2. An unprejudiced Judgement depended on verifying the actions of the accused.

3. Jesus bears the just punishment for the sins committed by all who trust in Him.

Family Discussion Questions:

What does God’s command for Noah tell us about the responsibilities of image bearers?

What did it mean to judge justly in the Mosaic law?

In what way was it seen as prejudice to bear false witness?

What is slander and what would be examples of it?

What was the common misconception in Ezekiel’s day? How might that misconception be reflected in our own setting?

How do we see that God judges in Ezekiel 18? What is surprising about His judgement?

How does the cross magnify God’s justice while also magnifying His mercy?

How does what Christ has accomplished through the gospel in us multiply the wickedness of prejudice and partiality?

What are some of the ways it might be easiest for us to fall into prejudice and bias?

What are the ways you might be most tempted to give in to unfounded accusations or slander?

What should be our greatest desire for those who we might be tempted to slander and prejudge?