Matthew 21:1-11

Sermon outline:

  1. The Triumphal Entry is the undeniable announcement that Jesus was the true Messiah.
  2. There were still many misconceptions regarding the Messiah’s salvation and kingdom
  3. The Messiah saved us by dying for us to establish a creation-wide, eternal, kingdom of peace with God. 

Family Discussion questions:

  1. What made Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem so important for the Jewish people?
  2. Why was it important that so many crowds had gathered to call Jesus the Son of David?
  3. What does this moment represent in relation to all of Jesus’ ministry?
  4. What was the significance of Jesus riding into the city on a donkey?
  5. What were some of the present misconceptions about Jesus running through the Pharisees and even Jesus’ followers?
  6. How was Jesus’ messianic salvation different than what some people might have expected?
  7. What does Psalm 118, which the crowd quotes, tell us about Jesus’ salvation?
  8. What do the prophecies Jesus fulfills in His triumphal entry tell us about His kingdom?
  9. What misconceptions might we be prone to have about Jesus even after we acknowledge Him as the Messiah?