1 Chronicles 28 - 29

Sermon Outline:

  1. The charge to God’s Bride: Follow the Man of God’s Choosing
  2. The charge to God’s Messiah: Build the temple according to God’s chosen plan
  3. This will depend on a heart with undivided devotion to the first commandment
  4. Rejoice that the Lord’s promise endures

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Why would you need to combine David and Solomon’s reigns to get the ideal reign?
  2. Why was it critical that Israel know how to identify God’s chosen king for them?
  3. What was the charge given to Solomon?
  4. What stood in the way of the full enjoyment of that plan(hint: heart)?
  5. How does Christ meet the ideal of both David and Solomon’s reigns?
  6. How does He satisfy the two “heart” problems which were exposed by the reigns of David and his sons?
  7. How does Christ’s messiahship (His Gospel) produce a true obedience of the first commandment in His people (hint: freewill offerings)?
  8. In what ways has the last year exposed the difference between the joys the world offers and the joy of Christ?
  9. How did God the Father publicly declare that Jesus had fulfilled his role as the perfect Messiah? (Hint: Philippians 2)