1 Chronicles 20

Sermon Title:

When the Messiah is on His Throne

Sermon Text:

1 Chronicles 20

Sermon Outline:

1. The reign of the messiah succeeds despite all sin.

2. The reign of the messiah overcomes the greatest enemies

3. The reign of the messiah vanquishes the greatest obstacles 

Family Discussion Questions: 

1. In light of the prevalence of 2 Samuel's account of David's reign at the time of the Chronicler, why is it important that this account of David’s victories omits so many weaknesses and moral failings which are found in that prior account?

2. In what way does the Chronicler’s specific account of David’s reign prepare his readers for the coming of Jesus?

3. Why was the focus on the defeat of the Ammonite king a particular encouragement to the first readers of Chronicles? How did this account of past events effect their expectations for the future?

4. What is the significance of David placing the Ammonite king’s crown on his head?

5. How does David taking the Ammonite King’s crown point us to the reign of Christ?

6. Where have the giants in this passage already appeared in Scripture? How does that affect our appreciation for the slaying of the giants that happens here?

7. What assurance do these giant slayings provide for the people off God?

8. How does our appreciation for these victories and conquering influence our daily lives in the world now?