1 Chronicles 18-19

Sermon Outline:

1. The victory of the messiah is from the Lord

2. The victory of the Messiah establishes God’s dwelling with His people

3. The victory of the messiah restores his shamed people

Family Discussion:

What impact would these stories of victory have on the original readers of Chronicles?

In what ways do the victories of this passage reflect the promises made in the previous chapter (1 Chronicles 17)?

Why is it important that these victories are from the Lord?

In what way was it good for God to allow a physical house to be built for Him? What things does the building of that house teach us about the ministry of our messiah Jesus?

How do David's victories point to the victorioius ministry of Jesus? What similar things do their victories acheive? How do their victories similarly benefit their people?

How is your situation like that of the ambassadors who went to the Ammonites?

What confidence can we take from this passage as we serve God in this world now? What confidence can we take from Jesus’ own messianic ministry accomplished for us?

Does Scripture’s history of the victories God has accomplished give you confidence in the work that He will bring to completion?