1 Chronicles 17

Sermon Outline:

  1. God’s calling is not because of His need
  2. God will establish an eternal house through David’s son
  3. David’s son will be God’s son
  4. Un-called-for promises call for confident prayers

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What caused David to think of building a temple of cedar for the Lord?
  2. What are all the meanings of the word “house” in this passage?
  3. How can we be sure that God’s calling of Israel and of David was not because of His need?
  4. What was God going to do through a son of David?
  5. David’s son would be a son to God as well - why was that essential for the covenant to endure (in contrast to King Saul)?
  6. How is Jesus more of a son of God than Solomon?
  7. How is the temple of Jesus greater than the temple of Solomon?
  8. How does the fact that the promises to Christians are undeserved actually give us assurance and confidence in our prayers?