Revelation 5

Sermon Outline:

1: The Branch will defeat and judge all God’s enemies. 

2: The branch guards His people for their eternal hope

3: The reign of the branch of David is certain, sweet, and everlasting. 

Family Discussion Questions:

1: What was the pastoral need of some of the seven churches while they waited for Christ’s return?

2: What dangers can beset us as we wait for Christ, particularly if His reign feels distant or uncertain to us?

3: What good truths can we take from the first revelation of Jesus at the beginning of the letter?

4: What qualifies Jesus to be the one to open the scroll and carry out God’s will?

5: What is the primary act that Jesus’ is worthy to carry out when he receives the scroll?

6: Why does Revelation want us to understand how daunting the enemies of God are?

7: What is the outcome of the enemies of God? 

8: What might be some examples of how we can let our limited perspective of the power and influence of the world lead us to forget Christ’s ultimate victory and give ground to the world in our own lives?

9: What are the ultimate words of comfort that Revelation wants to give to those who trust in Jesus?

10: What are some exciting aspects of the new heavens and the new earth with Christ which grip you? Consider how you are looking forward to eternity with HIm. Do so often!