Luke 1: 26-38; Revelation 5:1-14; Isaiah 11:1-10; Zechariah 3

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Branch restores the decimated house of David
  2. The Branch reigns and restores the household of God
  3. The Branch reigns over a restored land

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Why was David's household a stump?
  2. What was the importance of David's house for the whole people of Israel?
  3. Jesus did not only come to encourage and save the world, He also came to reign over it. How does that change what it means to be a Christian?
  4. Faith in Jesus' death and resurrection adds us to His Kingdom. What can we enjoy in the future after his Second coming which is different than right now?
  5. How has demanding a world right now that is only going to happen after Christ going to affect how people live now? How does that affect how we handle pandemics and politics?
  6. How does knowing the future promises of the Branch of David help us to live with contentment and with hope in a corrupted world right now?