1 Timothy 3; Acts 6:1-7

Sermon Outline:

  1. Through Leadership God Establishes, God sets the Church’s program

  2. Elders: Our Heavenly Father Forgives and Delivers us from Evil

  3. Deacons: Our Heavenly Father Gives us our Daily Bread

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What is an elder's responsibility? What are other words for elders in Scripture?
  2. What does the office of elder tell us about what God finds to be important for the church?
  3. What is a deacon's responsibilty? What does the word deacon literally mean?
  4. Why would "mercy ministry" be a good description for the deacon's primary role?
  5. What does the establishment of deacons tell us about the kind of family God wants the church to be?
  6. What would a church need to prove before taking on projects that were not having to do with Word ministry or Mercy ministry?
  7. How might deacon work look different today than it did in Jerusalem and Ephesus in the first century?