1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5, Luke 24:44-48 and other texts

Sermon Outline:

What is preaching?

Preaching is the spirit-empowered proclamation of the gospel through expounding the whole counsel of God from all the Scriptures.

Who can preach?

Everyone preaches, but God has set apart men who lead by being able to teach, and within them he has designated men for the task of preaching.

Who is preaching for?

Primarily the people of God but also for those who guest with them who are not the people of God

How does God’s Spirit make use of preaching?

To clarify and shape those who are the people of God for their growth and assurance and to either work salvation or clarify condemnation in those who are not His. 

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What is preaching? What are the essential elements for preaching to be done according to God's defintion? 

2. What is the goal of preaching? 

3. Why is it so important to understand God’s definition of preaching?

4. What are the reasons why many people have historically sought to change or replace preaching? 

5. What happens when preaching is fundamentally changed or replaced?

6. Who is supposed to preach? 

7. Who is preaching for?

8. How does God’s Spirit make use of preaching?

9. Why is it a good work of the Spirit when people reject preaching?

10. How does preaching provide assurance to God’s people?