First Samuel 29-31

Sermon Outline

  1. The Lord sovereignly uses the hatred of His enemies to rescue His people
  2. The salvation worked by the Lord's annointed is foretold by prophecy
  3. The Lord's annointed graciously shares the spoil of His redemption
  4. Even in discipline and dishonour, the Lord cares for the honour of His people

Family Discussion Questions

  1. What was the trouble that David and his men were in when the Philistine armies began to assemble against israel?
  2. How did God rescue Him using the hatred of his enemies against him?
  3. What was the difference in how David, God's messiah, treated his weak men compared to how the Amalekites treated their weak slave?
  4. What does David have in common with Jesus that we do not have? (think of what 'christ' means)
  5. How is this a beautiful comfort to those Christians who are worried that they are not a big enough benefit to Christ?
  6. God used the reign of Saul (and ended it) as a way to discipline Israel. What do the brave actions of the men who buried his bones show us about God's goals for His discipline of His people?
  7. Since this is the end of this series, discuss some of the reasons why you are glad that God rejected Saul's messiahship and instead made David's eternal.