1 Samuel 25

Sermon Points:

1. The fool has a high view of himself and rejects the messiah. 

2. The wise has a humble view of herself and embraces the messiah. 

3. The fool perishes and the wise receives the reward of being united to the messiah. 


Discussion Questions:

What were some of the actions that showed Nabal to be a fool?

What aspects of Nabal’s foolishness led him to reject David’s offer?

What are some of the actions which demonstrate Abigail is wise?

In what ways does Abigail show herself to be an exemplary wife even with a foolish husband?

What wise things did Abigail understand which led her to help David?

What does David’s praise after Abigail stops him from sinning say about the way God leads and helps his people?

What does Abigail desire to receive from David for her faithfulness to him? What does she receive? 

What are we worthy to receive from God? What do we receive when we have faith in Jesus?

What particular actions of the fool Nabal strike you as helpful warnings? What particular actions of the wise Abigail strike you are helpful exhortations?