1 Samuel 23-24

Sermon Points:

1. David works deliverance for God’s people while he is only offered persecution.

2. David entrusted himself to God’s will.

3. David honoured the messianic office.

4. David trusted in God for his vindication.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why does David go to deliver Keilah even though this will likely expose him to Saul?

2. How does David’s righteousness in this passage point to and help us to delight in Jesus?

3. What particular encouragement did David receive from Jonathan? 

4. What reasons do David’s men give for believing it is God’s will that David kill Saul?

5. What mistakes might we make when confusing our will with God’s?

6. What reasons does David give for sparing Saul’s life?

7. What are some examples of Saul’s understanding of God’s will in this passage? What does that tell us about Saul?

8. Why is it important for David to honour the anointing on Saul, even while Saul himself sinfully disregards the responsibilities of that anointing?

9. How does our hope for vindication for Jesus and his people affect the way that we live now?