1 Samuel 11-12

Sermon Outline:

  1. Through his anointed king the Lord unifies and delivers from cruel kings

  2. God redeems his people who rejected his reign

  3. The voice of the Lord is still King

  4. Repent and throw yourself at the mercy of the Lord’s and his covenant to you and your King

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What was extra cruel about the first king which Saul freed Israel from?
  2. What foolish thing does sin do to our hearts as we consider making peace with sin instead of calling on Christ to redeem us from it?
  3. How does calling our thoughts about God "his voice" actually reject what the Bible teaches about how He speaks to His people? How is this a sure way to return to the cruel dominion of your own sinful heart?
  4. People are tempted to comfort themselves and eachother with the idea that God will forgive our sins are not that bad. Why is that a false and wicked comfort?
  5. Why could Israel be sure that God would hear their pleas for redemption?
  6. Israel's fate was now tied to the goodness of the anointed kings which God gave them. They could be swept away or remain. What surety did the people of God now have when God's own Son was given as our anointed King?
  7. How does it impact your prayers to know that prayer offered in the Name of Jesus will be answered based on how worthy He is, rather than how worthy you are?