1 Samuel 1-3

Sermon Outline:

  1.  A Son to Comfort the ridiculed and beloved woman

  2. The Messiah will humiliate the proud and exalt the lowly

  3. The exalted who don’t know the Lord are humiliated

  4. The lowly who know the Lord are exalted

  5. The Messiah-anointing Word Established by the Lord

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. How was Hannah's situation similar to the nation of Israel?
  2. How did the Lord make sure that it was clear to all of Israel what His Word was?
  3. Why was this especially important for knowing who the Lord's anointed king was?
  4. How was Samuel established as a prophet?
  5. How do Eli's failings as a priest highlight the need for a king who will insist on God's will being done?
  6. Is being humble enough to be saved?
  7. What do the many descriptions of "the humble" tell us about what it means to humble yourself before the Lord's Messiah?
  8. If even the covenant people of God fell in Adam's sin and share in his arrogant rebellion, what has God done in Christ Jesus to ensure we will not be crushed and humiliated but will be exalted together with Him?