Ruth 4:7-22

Sermon Outline:

  1. Through the redeemer the Lord removes shame
  2. Through the redeemer the Lord redeems a vast family
  3. Through the redeemer's reign the Lord insists His will is done

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What kind of shame existed in ancestors of the family which Obed redeems?
  2. Recalling how the kinsman redeemer was to redeem by standing in the place of the redeemed, if those things were shameful in God's sight, what must the ultimate Kinsman Redeemer do in order to remove their shame?
  3. What type of shame is most painful for you: shame caused by your own sin, the sin of others, or of not being seen as useful or worthy?
  4. What do the stories of Tamar and Rachel and Leah reveal about the conditions for God's election of the redeemed? In other words, does God elect people to redeem based upon anything good in them?
  5. Why can Obed rightly be called Naomi's son? How does that help you to grasp that Christ Jesus, Boaz's son, was also born to a vast multitude of people?
  6. How would you use this passage's teaching about shame and redemption to counsel someone who felt too ashame to call on the Lord?
  7. How would you use the truths about redemption and the reign of David's Son to encourage someone who worried about the future?
  8. As we've walked through the book of Ruth, we learned of a number of benefits of being hidden under the wings of the Redeemer. What were they, and which are most precious to you at this time?